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What can a professional property management company do for you?
Boyd and Hassell is a full-service property management company. We specialize in multi-unit and single-family homes. We strive to assist in your rental and management need in a professional manner.

What can you expect working with Boyd & Hassell Property Management?
Managing your rental is certainly within your ability, however the time and effort involved in management may be greater than hiring a professional property management team.

Listed below are a few advantages of working with Boyd & Hassell.

  • Preparation and execution of rental agreements.
  • Disbursal of funds to the property owner.
  • Collection of rents & disbursal of deposits in accordance with state law.
  • Coordination of maintenance and repair work. Including vacancy fix-ups.
  • Marketing of vacant properties through our website, in office rental list, for rent signs, Zillow, and Facebook.
  • A thorough applicant screening including; credit, employment verification, rental history, and background checks.
  • Monthly reports showing income and expenses. Detailed record keeping, and year end reports.
  • Eviction of residents for non-payment, or breach of rental contract.
  • Online access to your owner account.
  • A full-time staff for your property management.


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